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Cailaich Highlanders

The Cailaich Fold

Cailaich Farm

is on the most north westerly tip of the island of Mull, on the west coast of Scotland. Farmed by my grandparents Archie and Mary MacCuish since the late 1950’s.  It has been producing pedigree Highland cattle since the late 70’s.  The farm was passed onto me in 2004 where Bob and I have continued to breed Highland, and also cross highland cattle successfully. Cailaich is 1200 acres of coastal farm, running 40 pedigree breeding cows and followers.

Cailaich farm is covered in areas of old cultivated ground.  Lazybeds can be found in every corner. We have been tackling the bracken since 2003 and have uncovered many small areas, of what will eventually become good grazing.
Between the helicopter, weed wipe and topper, we are starting to see a real difference and this year we have also spread 100 ton of lime to encourage stock to graze the  cleared ground.This will also help repress the bracken from returning.
We also have  a Muirburn rotation, as we are fortunate to be able to burn safely, with no forestry close by.Again the improvements are clearly visible and we no longer have to climb through feet of coarse heather.
Elite Health Status
We breed half the highlanders with our Highland bull and cross the other half with a Beef Shorthorn to produce hardy crosses. We also have 500 cheviot ewes which we sell in Oban market. Our first stock bull “Loachan Dubh of Knockendon” who was the yearling champion in 2004, proved to be a tremendous breeder, producing beautiful stock, some of which have been shown and sold successfully in Oban.  Others were retained for our own replacements. Our new stock bull “Angus Dubh of Savalmhor” (see pics) who is equally impressive is breeding exceptionally well.  We are looking forward to seeing his progeny as they progress

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Cailaich Farm
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